Dwight Theall – “Veiled Spaces”

Photographer Dwight Theall
Website http://www.theallimagery.com
Title Veiled Spaces
Category May 2014 Gold BW First Place
Location Washington State
Reason For Making the Image I wanted to reduce this waterfall to its essential element, literally “falling water.” By removing all contextual references to surrounding elements —- sky, clouds, trees, where the water comes from and where its going, and even the rocks on which the water splashes and is redirected —- the only physical element left is the water itself.  It moves at different speeds and in different directions, veiling physical and spiritual spaces that we know are there but cannot see.  Rendering the scene in black and white further clarified the vision.
Camera Fuji S6000fd
Lens 28-300mm @ 130mm (35 mm equivalent)
f-stop F7.1
Shutter Speed 1/450
ISO 800

Laszlo Perlaky – “Hardwood Cove”

Photographer Laszlo Perlaky
Website www.naturalperlart.com
Title Hardwood Cove
Category May 2014 BW Gold Third Place
Location Hardwood Cove, Great Smoky Mountains NP, TN
Reason For Making the Image During one of our early spring photo hikes, we looked all day to find and photographblooming Trilliums covered forest floor, but the blooming was delayed. We were sad about it, however, when I looked at the slopes of Hardwood Cove, I was impressed with the trees and the light behind them. Placing a Soft focus filter to my lens, I was able to express my feelings and the mystery of the Hardwood Cove.

Linhof Master Technika Classic, 4×5 film camera

Lens Schneider Super Angulon 75 mm f/5.6 + soft focus filter
f-stop f/16
Shutter Speed 1/2
ISO 100

Lexi Nemeth – “Miniature Flower”

Photographer Lexi Nemeth
Title Miniature Flower
Category May 2014 Gold Color First Place
Location Dugout Well, Oasis Garden, Big Bend NP, TX
Reason For Making the Image Many of the Desert plants are well prepared for the long hot and dry season. After few rainy days In early April, the desert plants open their tiny or large flowers. I was impressed with this miniature flower, and I wanted to show its delicacy by the optical separation and softness
Camera Nikon D800
Lens AF Zoom Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8 at 150 mm + Canon 500D diopter
f-stop f/2.8
Shutter Speed 1/1250
ISO 200

Geoffrey Koslov – Looking At You

Photographer Geoffrey Koslov
Website www.koslovphotography.com
Title Looking At You
Category May 2014 Gold Color Third Place
Location South Carolina
Reason For Making the Image Part of the series “Being Watched”
Camera Nikon D800
Lens 24-70@38mm
f-stop f16
Shutter Speed 1/400
ISO 1000


George Phile – “Vanishing Point”

Photographer George R. Phile
Website www.gphile.us
Title Vanishing Point
Category May 2014 Silver Color Second Place
Location Antwerp, Belgium
Reason For Making the Image One of the stops on the river cruise my wife and I took in April was Antwerp, Belgium. I crossed over the river through the Saint Anna Tunnel which is about ¬ mile long. I took about 12 pictures in the tunnel and this is the one I liked best.
Camera Camera,Nikon D800E
Lens Lens/Focal Length,Nikkor 28-300mm at 28mm
f-stop F3.5
Shutter Speed 1/30
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