It’s Not Done Until It’s in Print

Supplies for Matting Print Printing is the final step in photography. You are simply not done until you see your image in print. There is a certain emotional response that is just not there when viewing your prints on a computer screen. You notice details, there is texture, and there are more colors. You finally have something tangible in your hands that you created.

At the Houston Photographic Society, we have a print competition once per month where members bring up to 2 prints to be critiqued and judged in the competition. The physical printing and competition is the reason I chose to join the Houston Photographic Society a few years ago. I wanted to do more than just look at prints on a projector or a computer screen, and I wanted a reason to get some of those images off my hard drive.

I was a bit lost on how to mat my prints at first, so I did the typical YouTube and Google searches, and muddled through. I learned some things, and I wanted to share with you what I do for our competitions. You can read Matting Your Photos – Part 1: Precut Mats. This is just the basics, and there is more to learn about the artistic side on how to mat to enhance your art. If you would like to learn more about matting at a deeper level, I recommend you take the Matt Cutting class at the Houston Center for Photography taught by HPS member Laszlo Perlaky.

I hope you join us this year, make some new friends, and take your photography to the next level. You can find out about our upcoming meetings on our meetup site.

Have great 2013!

Dee Zunker
President – Houston Photographic Society