November 12 Program Meeting – MFAH Houston

This meeting will take place at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, instead of the Tracey Gee center.  We will be hosted by Del Zogg, Manager of the Works on Paper and Photography collections.  Del is going to give us a glimpse of some of the great photographic works in the museum archives.  It will be a fun and educational experience.

This meeting starts promptly at 7:00 pm.  Please be a bit early.  We will meet in the lobby of the MFAH Beck building near the museum store.  At 7:00 we will be escorted into the building for the meeting.

Once again, the meeting is at 7:00 pm, Tuesday November 12, at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Beck Building.  There is no meeting at the Tracey Gee center this month.