Laszlo Perlaky – Shadow Play

Photographer Laszlo Perlaky
Title Shadow Play
Category Gold Black and White
Location Lake Martin Preserve, Louisiana
Reason For Making the Image Cypress-Tupelo-Blackgum Swamps are forested black swamp depressions, saturated or flooded by surface groundwater at the sides of rivers or lakes, such as I found at Lake Martin Preserve in Louisiana, between Lafayette and Breaux Bridge or at Atchafalaya Basin. I visited these Tupelo swamps many times and I collected images for my in progress new portfolio, “Shadow Play”. I looked for images where the trees dropped their shadows and the light beams between the leaves created a wide variation of playful shadow-light effect on the tiny surface vegetation. I waited for the light changes and when I felt I see my imagined image, I clicked the shutter.
Camera Linhof Master Technika Classic
Lens Schneider Apo-Tele-Xenar 400 mm f5.6
f-stop F/45
Shutter Speed 2 sec
ISO 100 Ilford Delta film