2 Alfred Portier Sky Ring
2 Anatoliy Kosterv City Cycles
3 Anatoliy Kosterv Echo Lake
1 Bob Davis A Cobble Stone Street
1 Bob Davis Striped Gecko
2 Bob Davis Brooding in Shanghay
1 Bob Davis A Path in the Woods
2 Bob Davis Great White Egret Display
3 Bob Davis (Gold) The River Scene
1 Bob Jump You Light Up My Life
3 Bob Jump Rocky Mountain High
1 Chul-Sung Kim The Raw Power
1 Chul-Sung Kim In Between
1 Chul-Sung Kim At a Street of Buenos Aires
1 Chul-Sung Kim A Group Landing at Dusk
2 Chul-Sung Kim Scars of Time
3 Chul-Sung Kim At the Enchanted Rock
3 Chul-Sung Kim A walk in a Foggy Morning
1 Chul-Sung Kim Whirlwind of Dance
3 Chul-Sung Kim What’s UP, Doc?
1 David Mann Livestock Skin Folds
2 David Mann Livestock Skin Folds
2 David Mann 3 Iris
3 David Mann Evasive Maneuvers
3 David Mann Internal Glow
1 David Mann Brimming with Light
1 David Mann (Platinum) Stacked
2 David Mann (Platinum) One Exposuvte / two lmages Diptyeh
3 David Mann (Platinum) Sunflowers Backside
3 David Mann (Platinum) Blue Iris
3 Dee Zunker  (Gold) Montrose Bridge – Rainbow
2 Diann Hoops Zugspitze
2 Dwight Theall (Gold) Two ways There
2 George Phile Basking in The Sun
3 James Woody (Silver) Stormy Trolly Ride
1 Jerry Breaux Kissing the Sun
1 Jerry Breaux Dancing Leaves #9
1 Jerry Breaux All That Jass
1 Jerry Breaux (Silver) Mystery
1 Jerry Breaux (Silver) Spring Morning
1 Jerry Clark Cypress Reflections; Caddo Lake
1 Jerry Clark Rose Dawn @ Driftwood Bench
2 Jerry Clark Ranchland at Dusk
3 Jerry Clark Wintery Hills
1 Jerry Clark Sit and Reflect
1 Jerry Clark Dunes to Mountains
2 Jerry Clark Light From Heaven Above
3 Jw Purdy Janis Addiction
3 Jw Purdy Janis Addiction
1 Jw Purdy This is How Fights are Started
3 Jw Purdy Talking with Shadows
2 Kate O’Connor Going in Again
2 Kate O’Connor Crossings
1 Kate O’Connor Just Another Day at the Office
2 Kate O’Connor Earth Wind & Fire
2 Kate O’Connor (Silver) Natural Beauty – Gillian
2 Kate O’Connor Left Behind
2 Laszlo Perlaky Nest Building Great Egrets
1 Laszlo Perlaky Old Tree
2 Laszlo Perlaky Nesting Great Egrets
1 Laszlo Perlaky  (Gold) White Sand Dunes
1 Laszlo Perlaky (Gold) 3+1 Aspen
3 Laszlo Perlaky (Gold) Earthquake Lake
3 Laszlo Perlaky (Gold) Middle Prong RoadSide Falls
2 Lexi Nemeth Wind Play
2 Lexi Nemeth Night Heron Portreit
3 Lexi Nemeth Burned Trees in infrecolor
2 Lexi Nemeth (Gold) Tryptic Loom Dexail
3 Majid Uppal Sunset in the Winds
2 Majid Uppal Leading to Heaven
3 Martin Holmes Narinder Sall
1 Myriam Fornage Captain Joel
1 Myriam Fornage Belle de Nuit
3 Myriam Fornage (Platium) Shrimping in Galveston Bay
3 Orlando Morales Torres Del Paine
2 Orlando Morales  (Gold) Abandoned Pier Patagonia Chile
3 Orlando Morales  (Gold) Millenial Art
3 Orlando Morales (Gold) Classifieds
1 Owen Fisher Vilent Viking
3 Owen Fisher Battle on the Bankop Track
1 Owen Fisher Paseodil Prado, Havana Club
1 Robert Green Sunrise Stroll
2 Robert Green Hug Point Oregon
3 Robert Green St. Lucia
1 Robert Green (Gold) Solitude
3 Ron Masters Caged Chads
2 Thejas Rajaram Million Lights Before Night
3 Thejas Rajaram Cocors of a Streetside Artisan
1 Thejas Rajaram (Silver) The Sharp Artisan
2 Thejas Rajaram (Silver) Textures of The Dawn
3 Thejas Rajaram (Silver) Early Rising Payofff
2 Thejas Rejaram Hard but Simple Life
2 Thejas Rejaram Octopussy
3 Thejas Rejaram Like Father Like Son Like So
1 Thejas Rejaram (Silver) Rustic Life
2 Tom Foster Mellow Yellow
2 Tom Foster About My Imagination
2 Tom Foster (Platinum) Stuck on Glue
1 Tom Foster (Platiunm) Gros Ventre Road
1 Tom Foster (Platiunm) Flight
1 Yum Lee On the Edge
3 Yum Lee An Expedition
1 Yum Lee Vitality
1 Yum Lee The Light House
2 Yum Lee Natural Lines
2 Yum Lee Sunset at the Second Beach
2 Yum Lee Into the Sunset