Macro Photography – February Program

Macro photo of aphid by William Banik

Our Next Program Night will be February 13, 2018 at the Tracey Gee Community Center from 7pm to 9pm.

Come join us as William Banik talks us through the fundamentals of Macro photography. Attention will be given to equipment used, basic camera settings, and tips for capturing larger than life images. If time permits we will review some photos and explore the strategies used to capture them.

You can see more of William’s work on his website and follow his instagram feed. You can RSVP on our Meetup page too.

2018 Advancement

People moving up:  Bob Davis moves to Platinum, Chul-Sung Kim, Thejas Rejaram and Jerry Breaux move to Gold, Jerry Clark and Yum-Lee move to Silver.

2 Alfred Portier Sky Ring
2 Anatoliy Kosterv City Cycles
3 Anatoliy Kosterv Echo Lake
1 Bob Davis A Cobble Stone Street
1 Bob Davis Striped Gecko
2 Bob Davis Brooding in Shanghay
1 Bob Davis A Path in the Woods
2 Bob Davis Great White Egret Display
3 Bob Davis (Gold) The River Scene
1 Bob Jump You Light Up My Life
3 Bob Jump Rocky Mountain High
1 Chul-Sung Kim The Raw Power
1 Chul-Sung Kim In Between
1 Chul-Sung Kim At a Street of Buenos Aires
1 Chul-Sung Kim A Group Landing at Dusk
2 Chul-Sung Kim Scars of Time
3 Chul-Sung Kim At the Enchanted Rock
3 Chul-Sung Kim A walk in a Foggy Morning
1 Chul-Sung Kim Whirlwind of Dance
3 Chul-Sung Kim What’s UP, Doc?
1 David Mann Livestock Skin Folds
2 David Mann Livestock Skin Folds
2 David Mann 3 Iris
3 David Mann Evasive Maneuvers
3 David Mann Internal Glow
1 David Mann Brimming with Light
1 David Mann (Platinum) Stacked
2 David Mann (Platinum) One Exposuvte / two lmages Diptyeh
3 David Mann (Platinum) Sunflowers Backside
3 David Mann (Platinum) Blue Iris
3 Dee Zunker  (Gold) Montrose Bridge – Rainbow
2 Diann Hoops Zugspitze
2 Dwight Theall (Gold) Two ways There
2 George Phile Basking in The Sun
3 James Woody (Silver) Stormy Trolly Ride
1 Jerry Breaux Kissing the Sun
1 Jerry Breaux Dancing Leaves #9
1 Jerry Breaux All That Jass
1 Jerry Breaux (Silver) Mystery
1 Jerry Breaux (Silver) Spring Morning
1 Jerry Clark Cypress Reflections; Caddo Lake
1 Jerry Clark Rose Dawn @ Driftwood Bench
2 Jerry Clark Ranchland at Dusk
3 Jerry Clark Wintery Hills
1 Jerry Clark Sit and Reflect
1 Jerry Clark Dunes to Mountains
2 Jerry Clark Light From Heaven Above
3 Jw Purdy Janis Addiction
3 Jw Purdy Janis Addiction
1 Jw Purdy This is How Fights are Started
3 Jw Purdy Talking with Shadows
2 Kate O’Connor Going in Again
2 Kate O’Connor Crossings
1 Kate O’Connor Just Another Day at the Office
2 Kate O’Connor Earth Wind & Fire
2 Kate O’Connor (Silver) Natural Beauty – Gillian
2 Kate O’Connor Left Behind
2 Laszlo Perlaky Nest Building Great Egrets
1 Laszlo Perlaky Old Tree
2 Laszlo Perlaky Nesting Great Egrets
1 Laszlo Perlaky  (Gold) White Sand Dunes
1 Laszlo Perlaky (Gold) 3+1 Aspen
3 Laszlo Perlaky (Gold) Earthquake Lake
3 Laszlo Perlaky (Gold) Middle Prong RoadSide Falls
2 Lexi Nemeth Wind Play
2 Lexi Nemeth Night Heron Portreit
3 Lexi Nemeth Burned Trees in infrecolor
2 Lexi Nemeth (Gold) Tryptic Loom Dexail
3 Majid Uppal Sunset in the Winds
2 Majid Uppal Leading to Heaven
3 Martin Holmes Narinder Sall
1 Myriam Fornage Captain Joel
1 Myriam Fornage Belle de Nuit
3 Myriam Fornage (Platium) Shrimping in Galveston Bay
3 Orlando Morales Torres Del Paine
2 Orlando Morales  (Gold) Abandoned Pier Patagonia Chile
3 Orlando Morales  (Gold) Millenial Art
3 Orlando Morales (Gold) Classifieds
1 Owen Fisher Vilent Viking
3 Owen Fisher Battle on the Bankop Track
1 Owen Fisher Paseodil Prado, Havana Club
1 Robert Green Sunrise Stroll
2 Robert Green Hug Point Oregon
3 Robert Green St. Lucia
1 Robert Green (Gold) Solitude
3 Ron Masters Caged Chads
2 Thejas Rajaram Million Lights Before Night
3 Thejas Rajaram Cocors of a Streetside Artisan
1 Thejas Rajaram (Silver) The Sharp Artisan
2 Thejas Rajaram (Silver) Textures of The Dawn
3 Thejas Rajaram (Silver) Early Rising Payofff
2 Thejas Rejaram Hard but Simple Life
2 Thejas Rejaram Octopussy
3 Thejas Rejaram Like Father Like Son Like So
1 Thejas Rejaram (Silver) Rustic Life
2 Tom Foster Mellow Yellow
2 Tom Foster About My Imagination
2 Tom Foster (Platinum) Stuck on Glue
1 Tom Foster (Platiunm) Gros Ventre Road
1 Tom Foster (Platiunm) Flight
1 Yum Lee On the Edge
3 Yum Lee An Expedition
1 Yum Lee Vitality
1 Yum Lee The Light House
2 Yum Lee Natural Lines
2 Yum Lee Sunset at the Second Beach
2 Yum Lee Into the Sunset


We’re going to have a hands-on workshop for program night on NOV 14 2017 please bring your camera and a tripod, and let’s have fun.

! Important !

HOUSTON PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY MEMBERS — Please send an email containing a head shot for your new ID badge and an email and contact info for the new web site. Also if you would like your web address added to the new website please send your web url in the email.

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