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James Woody “Island Castle”

Photographer James Woody
Title Island Castle
Category Jan 2014/Silver/Color/1st Place
Location Galveston / Historic District
Reason For Making the Image This is one of the images from the portfolio I recently did on the historic homes in Galveston.  This particular home, located on Sealy street, is referred to as the “Trube” castle.  It was originally built in 1890, was destroyed by the 1900 storm, was not restored until 1990, and is currently a private residence.   As I looked at the unique design of this house, I recognized it’s potential for a very interesting image.  My intent was to give the viewer an appreciation of the structure’s artistic design, texture, and architectural details, with particular emphasis on the building’s entrance which pulls the viewer up the steps to the front door.  I was able to enhance the three dimensional appearance of the image using HDR, along with further post processing in LightRoom.
Camera Canon Rebel T1i
Lens 15mm( EF15-85mm)
f-stop f/13
Shutter Speed 1/200
ISO 200

Print Competition, Exec Committee Elections Tonight

Monthly Print Competition Tonight at 7pm
More info here

Special Assignment “Three’s a Charm”

Judge Craig Hartley

Also: If you have images that placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, in competition this year, bring them to the meeting to be included in the annual competition.

Chris Shaw’s “Fight”

Photographer Chris Shaw
Title Fight
Category June 2013 / Bronze/ Black and White / First Place
Location Galapagos Islands- Isla Ferdinandina
Reason For Making the Image This was one photo I took while visiting the Galapagos Islands. The marine iguanas are actually very peaceful animals. Most of them were sunbathing and ignoring us when we passed through them. It was lucky that we spotted the two iguanas fighting. I grabbed my Canon 7D and shot a series of images before they stopped fighting. Marine iguana are usually very dark in color so I converted the color image into black and white for submission.
Camera Canon 7D
Lens and Focal Length Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6 at 154mm
f-stop F/8.0
Shutter Speed 1/800 sec
ISO 400

Google+ Second Anniversary Photowalk Hosted by HPS Members

+Alexandru Zaharia and +Dee Zunker are hosting the G+ photowalk this year.


You are welcome to come and participate in the walk, and also maybe take the opportunity to dabble with G+.

Here is the event on G+!

May Competition Results

May Photo Critique Judge – Frank White
Special Category Topic: “Beyond Appearances
Placing Photographer Title
1 Dee Zunker Mirror on Main
2 Laszlo Perlaky Leaf Stamens in Blue
3 George Phile Statues
HM Alexandru Zaharia Beyond Appearances
Category: Gold Monochrome
Placing Photographer Title
1 Laszlo Perlaky Crown
2 Tom Foster Hard Rain
3 Robert Green A Masculine View
HM Steve Balderrama Nadya
Category: Gold Color
Placing Photographer Title
1 Bob Jump Welcome
2 Dee Zunker Esperson Reflections
3 Geoffrey Koslov Light Expressions
HM Robert Davis Meteor Crater
Category: Silver Monochrome
Placing Photographer Title
1 Michael Sanderson Cloak&Drape
2 Clayton Gardinier Pleasure Pier Ride
3 Clayton Gardinier Anchor Chain – USS Texas
HM Bob Haring Twins
Category: Silver and Bronze Monochrome
Placing Photographer Title
1 Myriam Fornage Shrimpboat Cemetery
2 Thejas Rajaram Stripes
3 Henry Peterman Boguillas Canyon
HM* Denise Bossarte Ride on the Marth
Category: Bronze Color
Placing Photographer Title
1 George Phile Riding the Wind
2 Chris Shaw Beach
3 Alex Zaharia Notre-Dame
HM Bailee Bruce You’ve Got Mail
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