January Print Competition results.

Special Category Topic: “Winter”
Placing Photographer Title
1 Ted Cullen Pinhole in Winter
2 Alfred Fortier Front Lines
Category: Gold Color
Placing Photographer Title
1 Dee Zunker Forgotten in Waha
2 Robert Green Broken Past
3 Robert Davis The Great Wall
Category:Gold Monochrome
Placing Photographer Title
1 Vladimir Frumin Tatyana
2 Dwayne Fortier Flag for the Fallen
HM Tom Foster Family
Category: Silver Color
Placing Photographer Title
1 Dwayne Fortier Cariar Anyone?
2 James Woody Wings of the City
3 Darby Donoho Building
Category: Silver Monochrome
Placing Photographer Title
Judged with Gold
Category: Bronze Color
Placing Photographer Title
1 Jason Chen Veil
2 John Chianis Morning in Tuscany
3 Henry Peterman Rue Cler
Category: Bronze Monochrome
Placing Photographer Title
1 Jason Chen Young Men from Sudan
2 Tom Boughton Cruising in Style
3 Ted Cullen Hybiscus Bio-Techno


2014 Year End Winners


Congratulations to all the winners of the 2014 Year End Print Competition!  The eligible entrants consisted of winning prints from 2014, and were judged by Jean Caslin, Cathy Adams Clark, and Frank White.

2014 Year End Print Competition
Best In Show
Placing Photographer Title
Tom Foster School House
Category: Color
Placing Photographer Title
1 Darby Donoho Portals of the Loom
2 Darby Donoho Grand Opening
3 Tom Foster Birds on a Piling
HM John Chianis Path To Soliltude
HM Darby Donoho Pointing
Category: Monochrome
Placing Photographer Title
1 John Chianis Turbulence on Piano Grande
2 Tom Foster Three Faces of Christ
3 David Mann Sky Light No. 0604
HM Laszlo Perlaky San Simeon Shore
HM Myriam Fornage Bull Rider at Crow Fair


David Mann – Sky Light No. 0739

Photographer David Mann
Title Sky Light No. 0739
Category Nov 2014 BW Bronze
Location Katy, TX
Reason For Making the Image I enjoy taking handheld photos of municipal fireworks and seeing the amazingly different images as a result. In this case I went a step further than usual inverting the image in photoshop and then converting to black & white. This last step is based on a comment I received during a portfolio review.
Camera Nikon D90
Lens Nikon 18-105mm @ 70mm
f-stop F/16
Shutter Speed 2
ISO 800

Laszlo Perlaky – Reeds of Boquillas

Photographer Laszlo Perlaky
Website http://www.naturalperlart.com
Title Reeds of Boqullas
Category Nov 2014 Gold BW
Location Boquillas, Big Bend NP, Texas
Reason For Making the Image I visited this area several times before and we enjoyed the play of light there many times. The light turns very special during sunset at this area, because the Sun is setting behind the Chisos Mountain in May and during that moment, some special reflection can drop extra glowing light to the foreground reeds of the Rio Grande swamp at Boquillas. The lifespan of the glow is very short and always different, so I was there many times, set up my camera and waited for the moment.
Camera Linhoff Master Technika, 4×5
Lens Schneider Apo-Symmar 210 mm
f-stop f/22
Shutter Speed 1/2
ISO 100 Ilford Delta Negative Film

Robert Davis – Serene Rock

Photographer Robert Davis
Title Serene Rock
Category Nov 2014 Gold Color
Location Yosemite
Reason For Making the Image One of the small roadside rivers. Beautiful scene with rock reflection and sharp diagonal small tree branch.
Camera Canon 5D mk III
Lens 100-400 @160mm hand held
f-stop f/7.1
Shutter Speed 1/320
ISO 400
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