Jan 14 – Annual Member Meeting and Awards

January 14 will be our annual members meeting to kick off the new year and to give out final awards for last years work.  We will also be voting for the bylaws that were sent out in November. Please send your proxy if you are unable to attend on January 14th.

The meeting will be at Tracey Gee center, Jan 14 at 7:00.

This will be a pot luck dinner. Everyone is asked to bring something for our group.  Please see the meet up event invitation for more information.

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Print Competition, Exec Committee Elections Tonight

Monthly Print Competition Tonight at 7pm
More info here

Special Assignment “Three’s a Charm”

Judge Craig Hartley

Also: If you have images that placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, in competition this year, bring them to the meeting to be included in the annual competition.

November 12 Program Meeting – MFAH Houston

This meeting will take place at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, instead of the Tracey Gee center.  We will be hosted by Del Zogg, Manager of the Works on Paper and Photography collections.  Del is going to give us a glimpse of some of the great photographic works in the museum archives.  It will be a fun and educational experience.

This meeting starts promptly at 7:00 pm.  Please be a bit early.  We will meet in the lobby of the MFAH Beck building near the museum store.  At 7:00 we will be escorted into the building for the meeting.

Once again, the meeting is at 7:00 pm, Tuesday November 12, at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Beck Building.  There is no meeting at the Tracey Gee center this month.

September Print Competition Results

September Photo Critique Judge – Matt Adams
Special Category Topic: “Lightness
Placing Photographer Title
1 Laszlo Perlaky Against the Wind
2 Denise Bossarte Sea Grass Sunset
3 Dwayne Fortier Delicate Butterflies
HM Dee Zunker Glass Tower
Category: Gold Monochrome
Placing Photographer Title
1 Dee Zunker Straight Through The Heart
2 Laszlo Perlaky Big Old Tree
3 Owen Fisher Church on Spilled Blood
HM Tom Foster Wall Flower
Category:Gold Color
Placing Photographer Title
1 Lexi Nemeth Ghost Town Window Reflection
2 Owen Fisher The Confrontation
3 Steve Balderrama After Delvaux
HM Robert Green Pharaoh’s Daughter
Category: Silver Monochrome
Placing Photographer Title
1 Myriam Fornage Apsaroke Child
2 Clayton Gardinier Shadow Boxes
3 Travis Eckert Bet the Farm
Category: Silver Color
Placing Photographer Title
1 Dwight Theall Orvieto Cathedral
2 Clayton Gardinier No One’s Listening
Category: Bronze Monochrome 

With Silver

Category: Bronze Color
Placing Photographer Title
1 George Phile Watching
2 Dwayne Fortier Lunch Time
3 Myriam Fornage Rainy Day in Ghent


Winning Images

Portfolio Presentations Tonight

Just a quick reminder about this evening’s Portfolio Presentations: Tuesday, October 8 at the Tracey Gee Community Center (3599 Westcenter Dr, Houston, TX).

Family, friends, and other interested parties are welcome to come view the portfolios.

We will start promptly at 7pm with the presentations.

Portfolio presenters are requested to arrive at 6:30pm to get their portfolios set up.

Sandwiches and snacks will be served.

Portfolio Presenters include:

1 Steve Balderrama
2 Bailee Bruce
3 Jessie Dhesi
4 Travis Echert
5 Jim Fife
6 Owen Fisher
7 Dwayne Fortier
8 Tom Foster
9 Vladamir Frumin
10 Clayton Gardiner
11 Robert Green
12 Donna Green
13 Alexis Hernandez
14 Bob Jump
15 John Kleb
16 Geoffrey Koslov
17 Humberto Lara
18 Lexi Nemeth
19 Laslo Perlaky
20 Henry Peterman
21 George Phile
22 Michael Sanderson
23 Chris Shaw
24 Dwight Theall
25 James Woody
26 Alex Zaharia
27 Dee Zunker


Meet after the program at
La Madeline
10001 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, Texas