April Print Competition “Smile”

The next Print competition meeting of the Houston Photographic Society is coming soon, Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at the Tracy Gee Community Center starting at 7:00 pm.

The special Assignment for this meeting is ”Smile”.

The judge for the meeting is Jerry Brown, a Fine Art photographer, a lecturer, workshop leader, Houston Photographic Society Fellow and a musician. His photographs won numerous competition awards and were exhibited on solo and group shows in many Galleries.

We will handle your pictures with a great respect as we do on any art show. Please prepare, label and present your work neatly.

Note you must be a paid member to participate.
You may bring up to 2 matted prints to the competition and enter them into one of the seven categories.

After the competition, folks meet at the La Madeline to “critique the critiques”.

James Woody “Island Castle”

Photographer James Woody
Website http://james-woody.artistwebsites.com
Title Island Castle
Category Jan 2014/Silver/Color/1st Place
Location Galveston / Historic District
Reason For Making the Image This is one of the images from the portfolio I recently did on the historic homes in Galveston.  This particular home, located on Sealy street, is referred to as the “Trube” castle.  It was originally built in 1890, was destroyed by the 1900 storm, was not restored until 1990, and is currently a private residence.   As I looked at the unique design of this house, I recognized it’s potential for a very interesting image.  My intent was to give the viewer an appreciation of the structure’s artistic design, texture, and architectural details, with particular emphasis on the building’s entrance which pulls the viewer up the steps to the front door.  I was able to enhance the three dimensional appearance of the image using HDR, along with further post processing in LightRoom.
Camera Canon Rebel T1i
Lens 15mm( EF15-85mm)
f-stop f/13
Shutter Speed 1/200
ISO 200

Owen Fisher “The Goat Herder, Baracoa, Cuba”

Photographer Owen Fisher
Title The Goat Herder, Baracoa, Cuba
Category March 2014 / Gold / Color / Second Place
Location Baracoa, Cuba
Reason For Making the Image
Goat herder tending his flock on the hill below the hotel
Camera Nikon D800
Lens 70 – 200 f2.8 zoom at 200mm
f-stop f/4
Shutter Speed 1/320
ISO 400

James Woody “Blue Ridge Farm Land”


Photographer James Woody
Website http://james-woody.artistwebsites.com
Title Blue Ridge Farm Land
Category Jan 2014/Silver/Color/3rd Place
Location VIrginia/ Blue Ridge Parkway
Reason For Making the Image I took this photo during a recent visit to Virginia, while driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway.   When I noticed the barn on the hill, I stopped to look closer, and  then realized that the overall landscape scene had a number of elements that I could bring together into a strong composition.  The barbed wire fence leads the viewer across the field to another fenced area, some trees, a beautiful dramatic sky, mountains in the distance, and then the barn with a rust colored roof.  The image is further enhanced by the strong contrast of colors and the texture of the fence posts.  Overall, this is one of my favorite images.
Camera Canon Rebel T1i
Lens 44mm ( EF15-85mm)
f-stop f/14
Shutter Speed 1/125
ISO 100

George Phile “Landing”


Photographer George Phile
Website www.gphile.us
Title Landing
Category March 2014 / Silver / Color /  First Place
Location McCook, TX
Reason For Making the Image This was taken at an Images for Conservation Fund Photo Competition I participated in which was held at the Santa Clara Ranch near McCook South Texas.
Camera Nikon D700
Lens Nikkor 500mm f4
f-stop f/4.0
Shutter Speed 1/1500
ISO 800