Dee Zunker’s “Esperson Reflection”

Photographer Dee Zunker
Title Esperson Reflection
Category May 2013 / Gold / Color / Second Place
Location Downtown Houston, TX
Reason For Making the Image I had walked around the Neils Esperson Building making images of reflections on several occasions trying to capture the old charm of the architecture. I walked to the front door to peak inside, turned around and saw the framing of the reflection by the columns. The sun was in teh right spot to make the reflection pop.
Camera Nikon D7000
Lens Nikkor 18-200mm 3.4-5.6 at 18mm
f-stop f/7.1
Shutter Speed 1/5000 sec
ISO 160

George Phile’s “Statues”

Photographer George Phile
Title Statues
Category May 2013 / Special Assignment “Beyond Appearances”/ Third Place
Location Dublin, Ireland
Reason For Making the Image My wife and I were on a Transatlantic Cruise from Harwich, England to Boston with our daughter and her family and we saw these people in Dublin, Ireland.  I thought it was an interesting picture of fake statues and a real dog.  I didn’t have but a moment to take this picture because of the crowds of people shopping and had no way to set it up so there was a great background.  So I had to take some of the good with some of the bad and the picture turned out fine.
Camera Nikon D700
Lens and focal length Nikkor 28-300mm at 34mm
f-stop f/ 8.0
Shutter Speed 1/60 sec
ISO 400

Google+ Second Anniversary Photowalk Hosted by HPS Members

+Alexandru Zaharia and +Dee Zunker are hosting the G+ photowalk this year.


You are welcome to come and participate in the walk, and also maybe take the opportunity to dabble with G+.

Here is the event on G+!

Tonight’s Print Competition – Special Assignment: “Nocturnal Exposure”

Just a reminder about tonight’s print competition. Come out to see everyone’s images, and hear critique from this month’s judge: Kathy Adams Clark.




You can see more details on Meetup:

Alexandru Zaharia’s “Notre-Dame”


Photographer Alexandru Zaharia
Title Notre-Dame
Category May 2013 / Bronze/ Color / Third Place
Location Paris, France
Reason For Making the Image An unusual angle showing the Seine and the Notre-Dame, two constants of the Paris city-center throughout the last millennium(the current cathedral’s cornerstone was laid in 1163).
Camera Sony SLT-A77V
f-stop f/13
Shutter Speed 20 sec
ISO 100