Laszlo Perlaky’s “Crown”


Photographer Laszlo Perlaky
Title “Crown”
Category May 2013 /Gold / B&W / First Place
Location Pilant Slough, Brazos Bend State Park, Texas
Reason For Making the Image Forms and shapes are attractive beauties of nature, especially if those are appearing on a larger scale such as trees, bushes with reflections. We have photographed Brazos Bend State Park more than 23 years, but I am still looking for some areas which somehow are communicating with me.  One day, I walked along the Pilant Slough trail and I found a large bush like tree glowing in the late afternoon sun… but when I arrived there, the glow disappeared. I set up my 4×5 camera and waited for the fine light which I saw earlier.  I almost lost my patience, when the clouds opened up and for a short time the tree started to glow with its mirrored image. I recorded the moment.
Camera Linhof Master technika 4×5
Lens and focal length Super Symmar 110 mm f5.6
f-stop f/16
Shutter Speed 1/30 sec.
ISO Kodak Ektar 100 film, ISO 100

This Saturday: Evening/Night Downtown Houston Photowalk

Michael Sanderson and I, Dee Zunker, will lead a photowalk through the theater and historical districts of downtown. We are hoping for some clear skies with the full moonrise at 7:45. We will meet by the bike racks in front of Bayou Place on Smith Street at 7:00 pm.

Our approximate route will be the following:
1. Bayou Place
2. Wortham Fountain
3. Buffalo Bayou
4. Allen’s Landing
5. Lyric Center
6. Jones Center
7. Penzoil Place
8. Market Square
9. Congress street down to the Harris County Court House
10. Back to Main street past Nit Noi, Deans, Majestic, Rice Lofts
11. Main Street Square to see the lights
12. Back to Bayou place for a few cocktails if anyone is interested.

What to bring:
1. Wide angle lens for the full view
2. Telephoto for a couple of shots behind the Wortham center, and probably some cool street light shots after dark.
3. OK…and everything in between….
4. Bring a tripod
5. Bring a flashlight. This is for focusing in the dark.
6. Know how to adjust your camera ISO, shutter, and aperture in manual mode. (We can help with what settings as long as you can make the adjustments)
7. Water

Parking: Use the Theater District parking or there is some free on street parking.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for our route.

I plan to share a little bit about each of the stops along the way in “Tour Guide” fashion. I love history and architecture, so this is really a lot of fun.

Click here to go to Meetup to see who has RSVP’ed:

HPS Outing – Evening/Night Downtown Walk

May Competition Results

May Photo Critique Judge – Frank White
Special Category Topic: “Beyond Appearances
Placing Photographer Title
1 Dee Zunker Mirror on Main
2 Laszlo Perlaky Leaf Stamens in Blue
3 George Phile Statues
HM Alexandru Zaharia Beyond Appearances
Category: Gold Monochrome
Placing Photographer Title
1 Laszlo Perlaky Crown
2 Tom Foster Hard Rain
3 Robert Green A Masculine View
HM Steve Balderrama Nadya
Category: Gold Color
Placing Photographer Title
1 Bob Jump Welcome
2 Dee Zunker Esperson Reflections
3 Geoffrey Koslov Light Expressions
HM Robert Davis Meteor Crater
Category: Silver Monochrome
Placing Photographer Title
1 Michael Sanderson Cloak&Drape
2 Clayton Gardinier Pleasure Pier Ride
3 Clayton Gardinier Anchor Chain – USS Texas
HM Bob Haring Twins
Category: Silver and Bronze Monochrome
Placing Photographer Title
1 Myriam Fornage Shrimpboat Cemetery
2 Thejas Rajaram Stripes
3 Henry Peterman Boguillas Canyon
HM* Denise Bossarte Ride on the Marth
Category: Bronze Color
Placing Photographer Title
1 George Phile Riding the Wind
2 Chris Shaw Beach
3 Alex Zaharia Notre-Dame
HM Bailee Bruce You’ve Got Mail

June Program Night – 3D

For this program night we will be discussing 3D photography.  The Nature of 3D viewing, how to take 3D shots, and the processing required to present your 3D images to viewers in a variety of ways.  3D is fun and not as difficult as you may think, and you can get started with the equipment you already have.  Presented by Steve Balderrama.




June 11 at 7:00 pm, at the Tracey Gee center. Here is the meetup link.

“Haunted” visual arts exhibit

HPS member Steve Balderrama has a piece in the upcoming visual arts show associated with the Stark Naked Theatre’s presentation of “MacBeth”.  The show, entitled “Haunted”, consists of a variety of visual arts, including but not limited to photography.  It opens Thursday night at 6:00 and runs until June 22, at Studio 101 in the Spring Street Studios,  1824 Spring Street.

More information at the following links:

Haunted – ArtsHound

Haunted – FaceBook

Steve’s image that was selected is called “Sands of Time” and is part of his surrealism series of digital art works.

Sands of Time Surreal Image