Tom Foster’s “Desert Abstract #4″

Photographer Tom Foster
Title Desert Abstract #4
Category April 2013 /Gold/ Monochrome /First Place
Location Death Valley, CA
Reason For Making the Image I was in Death Valley, CA taking early morning shots of sand dunes.  Unfortunately (or so I thought at the time) it was a cloudy morning, so the sharp, distinct shadows that I was hoping for were absent.  Instead they were replaced by subtle, low contrast, diffuse shadows.  Although it didn’t think it  worked in color, I was fairly pleased with a black and white rendering of the image.
Camera Nikon D700
Lens Nikon 70-300 f/4.5 – 5.6
f-stop f/11
Shutter Speed 1/1600 sec
ISO 100

Thejas Rajaram’s “German in California”

Photographer Thejas Rajaram
Title German in California
Category April 2013 /Silver / Monochrome /Second Place
Location San Luis Abispo, California
Reason For Making the Image I found the face interesting due his mustaches and the hat.
Camera Canon T2i
Lens Canon 50mm
f-stop f/1.8
Shutter Speed 1/250 sec
ISO 100

Denise Bossarte’s “Poppy Dream”

Photographer Denise Bossarte
Title Poppy Dream
Category April 2013 /Bronze/ Color/Second Place
Location Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens
Reason For Making the Image I love discovering and capturing the true essence of flowers, particularly when doing macros where the flower becomes a dance of color and form.
Camera Fujifilm Finepix HS10
Lens non detachable lens (Aperture priority setting + macro setting)
f-stop f/8.0
Shutter Speed 1/20 sec
ISO 400

Laszlo Perlaky’s “Cinderella”


Photographer Laszlo Perlaky
Title “Cinderella”
Category April 2013 /Gold / B&W / Third Place
Location Cades Cove, Grate Smoky Mountains N.P., TN.
Reason For Making the Image Blooming dogwoods are fragile beauties. We look for those in Spring every year. Last year we photographed in Cades Cove and explored a hidden meadow where several dogwoods were in full bloom. I felt I am the Prince who selected the most beautiful one for a dance. The other trees looked at me and my selected beauty enviously. Under this impression, I selected my soft focus portrait lens and captured the moment.
Camera Linhof Master technika 4×5
Lens and focal length Cooke PS945 lens 229mm
f-stop f/5.6
Shutter Speed 1/60 sec.
ISO Kodak Ektar 100 film, ISO 100

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