Murali Santhana’s “Fight Between Sun & Fog”

Photographer Murali Santhana
Title Fight Between Sun & Fog
Category April 2013 /Bronze/ Color/First Place
Location Brazos Bend State Park, Needville, TX
Reason For Making the Image Thought of getting the true moment of the nature’s fight between fog and the sun.
Camera D300
Lens Nikon 24 – 70mm @ 55mm
f-stop f/11
Shutter Speed 1/500 sec
ISO 200

Lexi Nemth’s “Morning Dew in Fog”


Photographer Lexi Nemeth
Title “Morning Dew in Fog”
Category April 2013 /Gold / Color / Second Place
Location Cades Cove, Grate Smoky Mountains N.P., TN.
Reason For Making the Image One foggy early morning in fall,  I planned to  photograph large mammals at Cades Cove area in the Great Smoky Mountains NP.  I looked around at a good spot, but I did not see elk, wild boar or black bear. However,  this morning dew covered half broken spider web caught my eyes. The back-lit dew drops sparkled on it just like pearls on a fine necklace.  I took the picture with my telephoto lens wide open, isolating the spiderweb from the surroundings.
Camera Nikon D800
Lens and focal length Sigma 50-500 mm f4-6.3  at 500 mm
f-stop f/6.3
Shutter Speed 1/640 sec.
ISO 200

Michael Sanderson’s “Texas Savannah”

Photographer Michael Sanderson
Website www.natureoflight,com
Title Texas Savannah
Category April 2013 /Silver / Color/Third Place
Location Prairie, Brazos Bend State Park
Reason For Making the Image This image is part of a series of images taken during the monthly photowalk that I co-lead with Laszlo Perlaky. The theme for April was plants and we were focusing on the water lilies and other wildflowers but I kept being drawn back to the prairie grasses and the waves of late afternoon light that would roll across as the low clouds moved across the sun. I waited and waited trying to get a good light on the tree in the foreground. I guess I must have given up and focused back onto the flowers when a participant who was with me shouted “look.” There was a perfect ribbon of light on the tree and the grass that had not yet reached the trees farther back. I quickly changed my tripod position and composed my image and in my haste did not check all my exposure settings so I forgot to stop down my aperture  This caused the very bottom of the foreground to be slightly out of focus, and while I didn’t think it was that important to the overall composition, I got caught and called out on it by the print competition judge. I made some of my typical adjustments in Adobe Lightroom and added warmth to the grasses for the final printed image.
Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Lens Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L, 70mm
f-stop f/2.8
Shutter Speed 1/2500 sec
ISO 100

Henry Peterman’s “As Seen From Above”

Photographer Henry Peterman
Title As Seen From Above
Category April 2013 / Bronze/ Special Assignment /First Place
Camera Nikon D700
Lens Sigma 150mm Macro
f-stop f/9
Shutter Speed 1/3 sec
ISO 500

Tom Foster’s “Desert Abstract #4″

Photographer Tom Foster
Title Desert Abstract #4
Category April 2013 /Gold/ Monochrome /First Place
Location Death Valley, CA
Reason For Making the Image I was in Death Valley, CA taking early morning shots of sand dunes.  Unfortunately (or so I thought at the time) it was a cloudy morning, so the sharp, distinct shadows that I was hoping for were absent.  Instead they were replaced by subtle, low contrast, diffuse shadows.  Although it didn’t think it  worked in color, I was fairly pleased with a black and white rendering of the image.
Camera Nikon D700
Lens Nikon 70-300 f/4.5 – 5.6
f-stop f/11
Shutter Speed 1/1600 sec
ISO 100