Dwight Theall’s “A Caterpillar’s World”


Photographer Dwight Theall
Webite Theallimagery.com
Title A Caterpillar’s World
Category April 2013 / Silver / Color / First Place
Location Armand Bayou Nature Center
Reason For Making the Image Nearing the end of the 4/20/2013 HPS photo outing, while walking back to my car along the boardwalk after a generally unproductive morning, the sunlight falling on this caterpillar demanded photographic attention.  Although the caterpillar’s movement wasn’t exactly speedy, the scene was dynamic enough that the use of a tripod would have been too restrictive.  I opted instead for hand-held shots at ISO 1000, allowing me to easily reposition the camera and thereby the composition of the overall images; spot metering provided acceptable control of the high-contrast scene and avoided overexposure of the brightly lit caterpillar.  Post-processing in Lightroom allowed me to create this low-noise, low-key image of a “graceful” world composed only of the caterpillar and the gently leaning fronds of nearby plants.
Camera Canon 60D
Lens and focal length Canon EF-S 18-135mm IS zoom at 135mm
f-stop f/5.6
Shutter Speed 1/500 sec.
ISO 1000

George Phile’s “The Far North”

Photographer George Phile
Title The Far North
Category April 2013 / Bronze/ Color /  Third Place
Location Klaksvik, The Faroe Islands
Reason For Making the Image We were on a cruise and I am an amateur photographer. ..so I take pictures wherever I go to show the beauty I see in the world.
Camera Nikon D700
Lens and focal length Nikkor 28-300mm at 90mm
f-stop f/ 11
Shutter Speed 1/3000 sec
ISO 3200

Michael Sanderson’s “Predawn Promise”

Photographer Michael Sanderson
Website www.natureoflight,com
Title Predawn Promise
Category April 2013 /Silver / Color/Second Place
Location Elm Lake, Brazos Bend State Park
Reason For Making the Image Fellow HPS member Murali Santhana and I went to Brazos Bend State Park very early, intent on getting some blue hour and sunrise images. We enjoyed a hike out to our location on Elm Lake. It was cool with little wind and there was a thin convective fog lifting from the calm water on the lake. I chose my location for this image because through the trees on the island across from me I could see the color of the coming dawn on the horizon. I wanted to get a sense of peering through those trees into the distance and to see them back-lit by the glow while in silhouette. This was also reflected very nicely in the still water. I set up my tripod and camera to get a little bit of the foliage on the bank where I was standing for a foreground. I thought the tree on my right would be a problem but I decided to use it as an anchor to weight the image on that side and to frame the part of the horizon where the sun was going to rise. I checked my exposure settings and because it was a slower shutter speed, I compensated by -2/3 to ensure I preserved any details in the brighter clouds. I took a series of images at different focal lengths, but wound up choosing the image with the widest focal length. After selecting the final image, I adjusted contrast, black levels, and added some clarity and vibrance using Adobe Lightroom. I also added a post-crop vignette to enhance the center of the image.
Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Lens Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L, 25mm
f-stop f/8
Shutter Speed 1/5 sec
ISO 100

May Program Meeting – Miksang Contemplative Photography

Miksang, or “good eye” in Tibetan, is a process of learning to synchronize mind and body, allowing one to open to the world without labeling or evaluation. The first level of training in Miksang contemplative photography purifies our visual perception by working directly with the elements of the visual field: color, light, form, and space.  No previous photographic experience is necessary. Meet certified Miksang trainer, Denise Bossarte and see what this discipline is all about.

At the Tracy Gee center, May 14th at 7:00.  Hope to see everyone there!



Born in 1967 in the US Midwest, Denise has spent her life pursuing two loves – science and art. Denise has several advanced degrees in science: B.A. in Chemistry, Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, and M.S. in Computer Science. Although science provides for a degree of creativity, Denise always found a need for deeper expression of her way of relating to and seeing the word through poetry, short stories, and most particularly photography. As a photographer, Denise has a passion for finding beauty in unique and unusual places and uses her photography to share those experiences with others. Denise’s abstract photographs are ones discovered in the world as created by nature rather than by her design. Denise is a Certified Miksang Contemplative Photography teacher and has been teaching Miksang in Houston since her arrrival in TX in 2012.

April Competition Results

April Photo Critique Judge – Michael Hart
Special Category Topic: “Seen From Above”
Placing Photographer Title
1 Henry Peterman As Seen From Above
2 Dee Zunker Public Parking
3 Laszlo Perlaky My View From Above
HM Alex Zaharia Brasov: Old City
HM Dwight Theall In the Trusses
HM Syed Bughdadi Night Shot
Category: Gold Monochrome
Placing Photographer Title
1 Tom Foster Desert Abstract #4
2 Vladimir Frumin Abduction of the Sabine
3 Laszlo Perlaky Cinderella
HM Owen Fisher Kodak Express
HM Dee Zunker Just Passin’ By
HM Geoffrey Koslov Delication
Category: Gold Color
Placing Photographer Title
1 Lexi Nemeth Lunch Time
2 Lexi Nemeth Morning Web in Fall
3 Bernie Levy Colors of Nature
HM Robert Davis Great White Egret in Flight
HM Geoffrey Koslov Enchanted
Category: Silver and Bronze Monochrome
Placing Photographer Title
1 Clayton Gardnier Abandoned Chapel
2 Thejas Rajaram German in California
3 Clayton Gardinier “Live” Oak
HM Bailee Bruce Little Ole’ Rusty Truck
Category: Silver Color
Placing Photographer Title
1 Dwight Theall A Caterpillar
2 Michael Sanderson Predawn Promise
3 Michael Sanderson Texas Savannah
Category: Bronze Color
Placing Photographer Title
1 Murali Santhana Fight Between Sun&Fog
2 Denise Bossarte Poppy Dream
3 George Phile Going to Work
HM Bailee Bruce Days Like These
HM Alex Zaharia Millennium St. Paul’s
HM Thejas Rajaram Effulgence