Owen Fisher – Meet Your Fate On The Great Wall Of Skate

Photographer Owen Fisher
Title Meet Your Fate On The Great Wall Of Skate
Category Gold Color
Location Houston, TX
Reason For Making the Image Part of an on going series of Houston Skateboarders
Camera Nikon D810
Lens 24 -70 f2.8 at 24mm
f-stop F/8
Shutter Speed 1/500
ISO 100

Laszlo Perlaky – Shadow Play

Photographer Laszlo Perlaky
Website http://www.naturalperlart.com
Title Shadow Play
Category Gold Black and White
Location Lake Martin Preserve, Louisiana
Reason For Making the Image Cypress-Tupelo-Blackgum Swamps are forested black swamp depressions, saturated or flooded by surface groundwater at the sides of rivers or lakes, such as I found at Lake Martin Preserve in Louisiana, between Lafayette and Breaux Bridge or at Atchafalaya Basin. I visited these Tupelo swamps many times and I collected images for my in progress new portfolio, “Shadow Play”. I looked for images where the trees dropped their shadows and the light beams between the leaves created a wide variation of playful shadow-light effect on the tiny surface vegetation. I waited for the light changes and when I felt I see my imagined image, I clicked the shutter.
Camera Linhof Master Technika Classic
Lens Schneider Apo-Tele-Xenar 400 mm f5.6
f-stop F/45
Shutter Speed 2 sec
ISO 100 Ilford Delta film

Lexi Nemeth – Balancing Least Bittern

Photographer Lexi Nemeth
Title Balancing Last Bittern
Category Gold Color
Location Anahuac NWR, Texas
Reason For Making the Image After a long, hot, busy day, travelling and photographing in Louisiana, I was delighted when we returned to one of our favorite birding spots around Shoveler Pond in Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, Texas. We were there late afternoon and the almost setting Sun dropped a nice light to the dense reeds at the West side of the pond. We drove very slowly and looked for birds in these nice yellowish-brown reeds. Suddenly a least bittern landed to one of the reed sticks, which bended diagonally and the bird balanced on it. I liked the diagonal reed with the bird and and the vertical reeds compositional harmony. However, I knew that I do not have too much time. I composed and focused to the bird eye. I was able to take two photographs before the bird flew away. This photograph was the highlights of the day.
Camera Nikon D800
Lens Nikon 200-400 mm
f-stop f/4
Shutter Speed 1/2500
ISO 200

Thejas Rajaram – Why You Need To Hike At Dawn

Photographer Thejas Rajaram
Website 1001beautifulportraits.com
Title Why You Need To Hike At Dawn
Category Bronze Color
Location Big Bend National Park
Reason For Making the Image Early morning colors, textures and structures of the mountains
Camera Canon T2i
Lens Sigma 10-24
f-stop F9
Shutter Speed 125
ISO 100

Thejas Rajaram – Teller of Old Russian Tales

Photographer Thejas Rajaram
Website 1001beautifulportraits.com
Title Teller of Old Russian Tales
Category Bronze B&W
Location San Leon, TX
Reason For Making the Image Interesting facial features, energy in the eyes despite old age
Camera Canon 6D
Lens Tamron 70-200 f2.8
f-stop f2.8
Shutter Speed 125
ISO 400
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