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Portfolio Review

The Portfolio Review will give society members the opportunity to learn what it takes to put together a cohesive body of work and exhibit it as if they were having a show at a gallery or museum. The operative words here are “cohesive body of work.” It is not just a collection of various images that one has photographed over the years.A portfolio for an exhibit must have a common theme, a continuity of printing and presentation and an artist statement. If any of the society’s members aspire to have an exhibit or a show at some time, this will be an excellent venue for them to learn what it takes and what they need to do. And, if some members don’t have the desire to have an exhibit they should still participate because it will help them expand their photographic horizons and abilities, and give them a new appreciation for an exhibit when they view it.The time frame for this project is from January to the first meeting in October. Instead of the Society’s usually scheduled program in October there will be an exhibit of the work of all the participating photographers. It is open to the public so invite family, friends, relatives, neighbors and members from other photography organizations.

All the participating photographers will meet again, on the following Thursday, at the Tracy Gee Community Center, for a one-on-one review of their portfolio. There will be five to seven reviewers, depending upon the number of participating photographers. All Participants will have the opportunity to sit down with a reviewer, on a one on one basis, and have their portfolio reviewed and discussed by various established photographers, educators, curators, etc. Participants, normally, will have the opportunity to meet with at least three reviewers during the evening.

The Portfolio Review and the monthly print competitions are probably two of the most important opportunities that the Society offers its members.


~ Geoffrey Koslov,
Portfolio Challenge Chairman