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Portfolio Review Requirements

The portfolio review is comprised of the following elements:

  1. Continuity of Subject matter.
  2. Continuity of Printing
  3. Continuity of Presentation
  4. Artist Statement.
  1. Themes & Topics:
    Most frequent question — “What do I select to photograph for my portfolio?” Most importantlypick some thing in which you have an interest and not what you think may be of interest to others. After all, this is for you and if this exercise is going to be of any value and you are to learn from it then you jolly well better be interested in it, or it will be nothing more than an exercise in futility. It is important to have a common theme to your portfolio.

  2. Continuity of Printing: Photograph your subject matter and gather your images together. Go through you images and make your selections of the images you want to print and exhibit. Give careful consideration to the story or message you want your images to convey. Now print your images at the same time. Select the paper you want to print on (give this careful thought so it is consistent with your subject) – glossy, matte, watercolor, etc. and have a similar consistency and continuity to your densities, saturation, colors, blacks and whites in your printing.

  3. Continuity of Presentation: I have seen some excellent photography fall flat with poor presentation. Select a good quality mat – preferably a museum quality, two-ply or four-ply, white, rag mat, acid free, and ph neutral. Also select a backboard that is acid free.

  4. Artist Statement: It is intended to satisfy the viewer’s curiosity as to the what and why. It also takes away the chance of misinterpretation. Your artist statement should be a page or less in length and include a short biography. This does not mean that your work cannot stand on it’s own. However, if you have any desire to have your work accepted for an exhibit, or to have a show in a gallery, the artist statement is a requirement.

Note: A more detailed Portfolio Review Requirements write-up is available. Those members who are planning to participate in the Portfolio Challenge and would like this more detailed write up can e-Mail me and I will be happy to e-mail them a copy.

— Geoffrey Koslov