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Artist Statement
Anatoliy Kosterev

  • Face the Wall

    Unintentional beauty

    Photographic camera is a remarkable tool. As the telescope allows us seeing through the vast space voids, the camera gives us an opportunity to see through someone else’s eyes. In reverse, thanks to photography, people who cannot draw or paint can still share their unique vision with the world. My vision has a tendency to catch geometry and balance. One of my friends told me that when she looks at my works, she feels as if there is a mathematical formula hidden inside. In the collection of images presented here, I tried to show the unintended beauty and harmony in the most common objects surrounding us – The Walls. I am not talking about graffiti, that is someone else’s art, no point taking pictures of that. My subject is the Wall As Is, in its crude, raw, ugly beauty, not completely designed but just happening, with all its cracks, wires, windows and doors.


    Anatoliy Kosterev

2019 Portfolio - Anatoliy Kosterev