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Home2019 Portfolio - Laslo Perlaky

Artist Statement
Laslo Perlaky


My “Combed” portfolio images born, when I began pre-visualizing my never-seen images and saw more images when I was alone with the upside-down and reversed orientation 4"x5" or 8"x10" image on the view camera's ground glass. I would talk with my image. I tried to make it work within my storyboard. I would tell my story and the image replied to me generating a special connection and binding. The camera's dark cloth separated me and my image from the disturbing surroundings and this slow, precise and intimate image making process opened my heart and cleared my mind. When I finally clicked the shutter and captured the image, I felt inner peace and I was happy.

In all aspects of our natural environment I seek to observe and feel the invisible. The work represents a new direction in perceiving nature and challenges the viewer to enter into their own illusion inspired by the power of the “Combed”.

My mission is to observe, understand and create art that communicates between humans and nature.

Nature’s unorganized Chaos many times shaped by the power of Wind, Water, Plants, Animals, and other Elements, creating an organized Chaos, peace and beauty. I observed and photographed the Combed Chaos, on large format black and white sheet film from my heart.

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