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Home2019 Portfolio - Lexi Nemeth

Artist Statement
Lexi Nemeth


”My New York City" series is a discovery of the silent languages people speak when they are observed with quick glances.  These synchronistic moments are a kind of silent and ephemeral conversation between me and my new acquaintances.

During our wide range of photographic journeys, this was my first time to visit and spend some time in New York City, where the regular happenings, the day and night running life and festivals amplify life's daily theater – recreating the vibrant atmosphere which I really enjoy.  I like to wander the small streets, see the distorted reflections of the high risers in the windows, look for fine food, simple markets and catch glimpses of the people, discovering pieces of their lives through my series of images.

Photography is more than painting with light, it is the capturing of a moment and I open myself to those natural circumstances. Through patience and curiosity I feel privileged to translate the rare moments and short stories with my camera.

The series encourages the viewer to appreciate simple moments with more happy, less worry.


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